Spray Foam Insulation

Custom Insulation, best choice for spray foam insulation

Spray foam insulation has many advantages over other types of insulation. This foam installation process requires skill. Custom Insulation in Hot Springs, Arkansas has the experience to successfully complete your project.

spray foam insulationspray foam insulationSloppy spray foam might mean the chemicals have been sprayed before they are ready. This can affect component mixing and foam performance. When components mix poorly it causes cured foam to shrink away from rafters or studs. Poor installation will leave cracks and voids. Custom Insulation in Hot Springs, Arkansas will not rush your spray foam insulation installation.

As with any type of insulation it is important to choose Custom Insulation because of our good reputation. We monitor our installation work and verify that the insulation meets expectations.

About Spray Foam Insulation

Spray polyurethane foam (SPF) is the best value over other types of insulation at reducing air leakage.

Spray foam easily fills wall and ceiling cavities completely. Foam provides a higher R-value per inch (6.5) than less expensive insulation types like cellulose and fiberglass (3.5 to 3.7).

Most spray foam insulation is called “two-component” foam. Two ingredients are mixed on site using special equipment mounted in our truck. Heated hoses move the components to a mixing gun. The chemicals are sprayed on the surfaces to be insulated.

A chemical reaction begins as soon as the spray foam insulation chemicals are mixed. The liquid mixture foams, expands, and eventually hardens.

Reasons to choose spray foam insulation:

  • Protection by thermal insulation, closed air barrier and vapor retarding.
  • Creates a tight seal with minimal wall penetration.
  • Easily applied to curved and irregular surfaces.
  • Reduces material waste and installation cost.

The best practice for home insulation is to use spray foam insulation to fill the spaces between the framing studs in the walls and attic. Spray foam is nontoxic and typically has a lifetime guarantee. It expands to about 100 times its original volume, so it fills in air gaps unlike standard fiberglass insulation. Over time, as the house expands and contracts, so will the foam insulation. This eliminates cracks and spaces for warm air to escape.

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