Home Insulation Services

Spray foam insulation installation

Insulation is the most basic, cost-effective way to lower your home’s energy usage and improve the comfort level of your home.

Heat flows naturally from a warm place to a cooler space. In the winter, heated air will try to flow to an unheated garage, basement or attic. Conversely, in warm months, heat will try to flow from the outdoors into the cool interior of the home. The majority of this heat transfer in homes takes place in the attic.

It’s the role of home insulation to prevent this unwanted circulation throughout your home. Combined with proper ventilation and a radiant barrier, proper home insulation helps your home maintain a comfortable, uniform temperature throughout the year with significantly less use of heating and cooling systems. As a bonus, insulation can also act as a sound absorber, to help make your home quieter.

Methods of heat transfer

Heat flows naturally from a warmer to a cooler space in the 3 ways shown above. Most home insulation companies only use one product, (insulation) to stop one method (conduction) this leaves convection and radiation completely unaccounted for, resulting in a home that may still be uncomfortable and inefficient.

Custom Insulation, on the other hand, uses several products and the latest testing equipment to make sure we stop all three methods of heat transfer, giving you a comfortable and energy efficient home. And in most cases a third party will then inspect the job to verify our workmanship. Take a look at the other pages to see some of the measures we use to reduce all 3 methods of heat transfer.

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